What Are the Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting A Business Calendar?

Calendars are considered to be the best tools for marketing. It is a one-time expenditure for a business and does not cost a lot to the company. It allows your customer to use it for a complete year. Before starting with the artwork creation, it is important to learn about its options first. The option you choose will dictate the overall design of your calendar.

Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are often used when marketing a brand. This Kalendrid comes in a great design for the people to notice them quickly. You can get them in varying sizes. One of the commonly used sizes is 5.5” x 8.5”. This is the folded size of the calendar that goes well with an average room size.

If you have a large size room, then 8.5” x 11” calendar will be the best size for you. The type of coating applied to it will impact the color that you use on the design. High gloss UV coating adds shine to the work and makes colors a lot prominent.

Magnetic Calendars

Magnetic calendars can be stick on any object such as office desk and table, refrigerator, and lockers. They come either in pocket size or as photo frames. If you are looking for a professional and reputed calendar printing firm, then you must visit Abiprint.  

When buying these calendars, you must check the strength of the magnet. A lightweight magnet is cost effective and perfect for daily use. By choosing a laminated finish, it will safeguard your artwork so that it lasts for a longer duration easily.

Calendar Designs

Design holds a lot of importance to capture the attention of people. The right type of design depends on the type of image that you wish to project. You can choose between a professional or a quirky image.

Color Combination

The right color selection and layout will be a key to successful advertising campaign.  You can take help of a color wheel to identify the best colors for your project.

Color Wheel

If you prefer a monochromatic design, then you must use one color in different ranges such as light red and dark red. The outcome will be a more subdued design. In case of an analogous color scheme, you need to go for colors that are next to next in the color wheel.

Another option is to use complementary colors that are completely opposite to each other such as red and green, blue and orange etc. Some ads use a mix of warm and cool colors, you can check out Wikipedia to know more about color combination.


You can find several calendar templates that you can use to make your design more manageable. You can get these templates mostly free and in varying file formats.


A customized calendar can do a lot for your business. Learning your expectations and requirements will help you choose the best type of calendar for your business. Once you decide on the right type of calendar, its printing won’t take much time. You can start reaping its benefits in no time.

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Jeffry Mackin has written this Guest Post. Abiprint is a renowned kalendrid printing company. We provide different types of calendar available as per the needs of a business. We also offer customization in calendar on the basis of the style, image, layout, and design you choose.

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