VU Cinema – VR 3D Video Player

People have been downloading the outstanding VU Cinema App and during the holiday season, its download frequency has risen high. In fact, the app has reach up to 100,000 downloads and the number is still on the rise.

Not to forget, with Christmas and holiday season at its peak, a few positive changes have been noticed such as:

  • Playing time limitation has been removed
  • You can enjoy movies without any time limit whatsoever
  • Plus, no Advertisement too!

The VU Cinema – VR 3D Video Player now comes with amazing new features like as it can support 3gp, MKV, MOV, 3D Video Detection, YouTube Streaming, Audio Track Selection, Multi-Language Subtitle, Ultra-Real IMAX Scene and many more. There are a few functions that are only accessible for the PRO versions.vr-3d-video-players

It runs out being an incredible Cinema VR App. VU Cinema: With the assistance and support of the outstanding VR 3D Video Player, you would feel that you are sitting in a cinema and watching the movie. When you watch a virtual theater scene, you notice that it is represented to you in the 3D mode, and it looks amazing. You would from the scratch feel that you are watching the movie in the theatre.

This time the App also comes with an easy way to control it. You will now be able to control all the functions of this App through the “Gaze Selection” section, which is way to operate. In a much simpler term, you would be able to get immersed into the movie, from the start, and you no more would need to tap it from time to time. Enjoying seamless and brilliant movies gets easier and more comfortable too.


Now this App also comes with the stupendous ‘Auto Quality Control’. Here, the users can enjoy one of the best VR experiences, through various mobile phones, which is why this is turning out being one of the most preferred options for so many users. Furthermore, you could enhance your level to the PRO version and make the most out of the full function experience. However make sure to remember that it would work only through the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

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