Using backup and sync software solutions for your Mac device

If you are a Mac user you would be frantically looking for a good software or app to backup your Mac device data, and for syncing the device with a universal platform that can connect to others and can receive and send files. All Mac users look for such a solution, as this is really a trouble to get a nice software solution for the sync and backup from Mac devices. But now with the vacuum created with OS X release, many software developers came up with such solutions. Though not all worked well, some passed the test from all or many aspects and here is a short list of a few such good softwares.


You would love to use the services of SyncMate, an app to sync iPhone with Mac for one good reason and that is the universal application of the software. You may connect it to any device, offline or online, and cloud storage, any account etc. You can connect to Google, to dropbox or Sugarsync type cloud account, with Office 365, with social media and what not. In fact transferring files and folders between your Mac device iTunes or calendar files is really easy with this software.


If you are a backup and restore freak you would love the services of ChronoSync which is an effective sync solution for Mac devices. This software is a lovely solution as you may sync all data, and send and receive files to and fro and connect to important offline and online services which all uses the Mac OS. Yes, this is perhaps the most important point to be noted about ChronoSync. It only works between the Mac devices, and is not supported between other operating systems. Hence if you are looking for syncing data and connecting to only Mac devices then this is one of the best solutions for you. Else you will have to look for other software.

Other common choices are available with cloud storage accounts like Sugarsync and Dropbox.



It is a service similar to Dropbox as far as cloud storage is concerned. You may store files and folders which you transfer from your Mac device to it and at the same time remove or manipulate all of them form all Mac devices and phones that are connected.


It’s a common name in cloud storage. You may use it in all types of OS including Mac. The ease of backup f all files and folders from the Mac devices can be felt when you are using the cloud account. But a working internet connection throughout is a must.

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