Understanding the Difference between VGA and SVGA Cables

Cables are important if you must connect a display to a signal source. However, if you want analog signals, you can get a VGA cable that is created to work according to SVGA monitor cable standards. SVGA cables are not that different to VGA cable. As a matter of fact, they are similarly built to work alike and for the same purpose that they can be interchanged. Nevertheless, I will be stating the similarities and differences between VGA and SVGA Cables.

How to identify a VGA and SVGA

SVGA monitor cables will outdo VGA cables when it comes to keeping the signals in one piece. They are better because VGA cable signals can start to decline after some time. This is mostly so because SVGA cables have superior coverage and are also thicker. A lot of these cables are created with gold plated pins to help enhance the transmission occurring between the male plug and the female port. However, if you want this kind of improvement, you can get the Primecables DisplayPort to VGA cable.

When should you buy SVGA Cables?

Most of the time, buying SVGA cables completely a waste of money because VGA cables do the same job as SVGA cables and you will get them cheaper. It is even better to grab a VGA cable instead of an SVGA cable when the device connecting to themselves are somewhat close to each other, as both cables performances are the same. Unless you have your devices far from each other, then it will be wise to get an SVGA cable because getting a longer SVGA cable can affect picture quality being transmitted. This is to say, SVGA cables perform better when establishing a connection from a distance. But most people still opt for VGA cables, just because SVGA cables are a little bit expensive, they exploit other techniques like getting VGA cables that can enhance signals or get repeaters that will be able to reconstruct the signals being transmitted. You can opt for any of those techniques.

Bottom Line

From the aforementioned, we can understand that

  • SVGA and VGA cables work almost in the same way.
  • SVGA cables are more sophisticated in terms of designs as compared to VGA cables.
  • SVGA cables are quite expensive, unlike the VGA Cables.
  • SVGA cables are the better choice when it comes to connecting devices that are far from each other.
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