The Undeniable Powers of Social Media in Politics

Today it seems essential for a politician to be present on social media, especially for his image. Indeed, it is “modern” and not being active can be unfavorable to it. A politician not present on social networks will be invisible and will pass for an “outsider” or even a “has been”. In addition to a talking tool, social media can be a source of information for politicians. This allows them to have reactions, points of view from citizens online. They are thus closer to the population and can best approach the solicitations of the latter. Similarly, the political world is punctuated by competition between candidates from different parties, and social media can then be a watch tool to see and monitor what his competitor does, social media is then presented as a tool for dialogue and sharing ideas for politicians and their audiences.

The New Way of Communicating

Today smartphone, laptop or tablet have replaced the traditional agenda, social media has become a tool for organization and mobilization by the political world. To communicate about their activities, elected representatives can now go on social media. For example, to invite citizens to their different events, elected officials can send invitations to Facebook. With the event creation tool, you can then with a simple click and a simple message broadcast quickly and immediately its invitation will be sent to the to the public. In addition, the dissemination of the message is multiplied: the citizen user can receive his invitation on his Facebook page with a notification, as well as an email and sometimes even another notification on his smartphone, the different activities of politicians are then amplified and social media become a relay of information.

Dynamic Information

As we can see, the Internet and its social media are very important in politics. Listening, speaking, creating a community, bringing together, analyzing … so many reasons that make social networks a major tool in the communication of politicians. Social networks allow politicians to express themselves at any time without an interview being scheduled. Thus, spontaneous and sometimes reflected reactions are visible on the web. However, it is this spontaneity that searchers are looking for. Indeed, they are informed of the news almost instantly which allows them to react immediately to political facts or more diverse. They feel involved in politics. Politicians benefit from this influx of people on their networks to spread important messages for their communication strategy. The social network Twitter is particularly used for this spontaneous communication because it makes it possible to send a more or less ambiguous message in one click.

When Citizens Show their Support

As we saw earlier, it has become essential for politicians to be present on social media, because it is a way to reach the voters and future voters which can be achieved through either the character you portray, how popular you are to people on social media or any other strategy, for example, the use of free Instagram likes to draw the attention of voters and at the end have multitude of voters by your side. Social media is a wonderful tool for people to speak out and can now express themselves in many different ways, thanks to social networks like, share, retweet, comment on the messages published by politicians and thus really express their opinions and this in an instant, something that was not as simple before since the conventional media (newspapers, televisions, radios are not accessible to all.

January 2019
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