OpenStack – The Stage Of Preference For Cloud

In the life cycle of cloud development, a majority of organizations are already on their second or third implementation of private cloud using internally developed solutions or alternative offerings from vendors. Hands-on experience around the internal development of the private cloud has revealed a host of challenges that companies need help to address. An IDG connect survey of 200 US enterprise decision makers reveals that key issues include application migration, resource management, application management and simplifying IT management. Vendors and system integrators are an effective resource to address these issues and close gaps that include guidance on where to start with an OpenStack implementation to manage private cloud environments and its potential impact.

Where Are You In Private Cloud Deployment?

According to IDG connect Survey conducted in US, the current implementations of private cloud – about 53% of the companies have gone both internally developed and purchased from vendors, and 23% of the companies have internally developed and 21% have purchased from vendors and 3% have not implemented private cloud.

Some of the top challenges faced in the private cloud internal development – 18% of the firms are facing application migration issues, 21% of the companies are unable to tackle Resource Management, 18% of the firms are addressing Application Management challenges and the rest are unable to simplify IT management.

Preference For Cloud

Moving To OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure:

As per the survey report,60 percent of the companies are already using OpenStack and from the remaining portion, 84 percent of the companies are willing to migrate to OpenStack cloud platform and 14 percent are in ambiguity and the rest say no to it.

There are many significant concerns that need to be taken into account from the outset. First thing that comes in mind is to build or buy? The magnitude of the IT staff and available resources/skillsets play a vital role in deciding the first point. Secondly, It is important for the organization when recapitulating the project that to make a successful implementation of the internal deployment, then filling the gap of OpenStack skill is but necessary. Businesses gain the maximum from the OpenStack private cloud environment for the support it provides such as flexibility, scalability, simple API system, Large existing Openstack Ecosystem etc.

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