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On a daily basis, organizations deal with numerous amount of data whose management becomes difficult. To overcome this issue, enterprises use spreadsheets and few sets of applications that handle performance management. On the other hand, operating environments of organizations are growing complex and even the competition in the market is intensifying day by day. Under this condition, there is a prior need for corporations to effectively plan functions and enhance their efficiency by reducing the costs.

Hyperion is the leading software for performance management. It offers comprehensive performance management for many enterprises. Hyperion is a database, which allows quick access to the data present. Hyperion EPM application enables to collect data from numerous sources from various locations and maintain it on a single database platform.

Hyperion EPM delivers an integrated suite of applications that include web interfaces and reporting tools. It also extends the product strategy of the business intelligence. Performance management and Business Intelligence are combinedly utilized by the customers all over. Hyperion integrates financial and operational planning process and enhances the predictability of business. Organizations around the world are achieving wide-planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation using this tool. Its application deployment, management tools, and data integration, reduce the total cost of ownership. Oracle Hyperion effectively integrates and manages ERP applications and strategical goals of an organization and strives for its execution.

Some of its applications include:

Organizations are achieving numerous improvements by implementing applications of Hyperion.

  • Decision-making is enhanced with Hyperion.
  • Oracle Hyperion is easy, quick to install and deploy even at remote places under cases where information technology provides the least support.
  • Hyperion is compatible with both Oracle and non-Oracle applications, making it suitable for leveraging at effective business decisions.
  • Hyperion help enterprises achieve competitive advantages and achieve ROI (return on investments).
  • Each of its application can either work individually or combinedly to integrate strategic, financial and operational processes leading to low-cost deployment.


MDM manages all the hierarchies of EPM on a single platform. It provides tools to maintain dimensional consistency across the organizations of different levels. It consists of a built-in workflow that defines rules and processes for governing dimensions by working together in the enterprise. With just a click, integration of different modules like Hyperion Financial Management, Essbase and planning can be made just in one place rather than at multiple places for multiple times.


Career in EPM

In the modern era, Finance and Accounting are moving away from on-premises to EPM solutions. EPM assists you to manage the implementation process from start to finish. Hyperion is constantly adding certain offerings to Oracle that includes enterprise planning solution, products for reporting, and an OLAP Server.

Oracle Hyperion meets all the needs of CFOs and other accounting professionals of the organization. EPM Administrators hold an important role in business performance management within the Business Intelligence of the organization. These candidates must be efficient in maintaining an EPM suite of products so as to keep a tight check on financial planning and forecasting process. Preferred skills can be obtained with the help of efficient learning methodologies.

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