How To Accelerate The Growth Of Organization By Managing Talent

Acceleration in the growth of organization is a positive driver that lays out constructive aims for the employees to achieve. This can be achieved if the employees are crystal clear about the expectations of the company and also about the work plan they intend to follow to achieve the same. Clarity at every point is a great primer for enhanced employee engagement and it also helps employee stay more focused. Discussed here are some ways that can be used to manage talent in order to accelerate organization growth.

  1. Goal setting and assessment: Employee should be made to sit with the supervisor at goal planning stage. The both parties should discuss all the aspects of setting the goal and discuss the available resource pool. The assessment of goals should be done critically to ensure their feasibility as well as to discuss possibility of achievement of the same.
  2. Review of progress: Accelerating the growth of organization can be done if the goals and progress are reviewed regularly. If the resources and talent are left under-utilized, the increase in goals can be decided upon for creating and meeting new benchmarks. Also, in case of employee feeling stressed and not able to give their best, the process workflow can also be assessed to find loopholes and to plug them timely. Such reviews are recorded in performance management software in relevant modules and shared with relevant authorities to keep everyone informed and also to gain opinion.
  3. Organizing training programs: Not taking into account the training needs can give acceleration of company’s growth a major setback. The performance review modules can help find the reasons of failure of any plan and one on one reviews help organization visionaries understand the training needs of poor employees better. Sometimes, newer technologies are to be learnt for better output; this is also found out through assessing training needs and organizing relevant training programs accordingly.

Any gap in understanding and coordination among employees can cost an organization its growth. The best organization is one that aims high and has well manages talent pool to achieve those high aims too. It is possible only through honest critical reviews and discussions held regularly or as a part of daily process.

June 2019
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