Get A Detailed View On Different Archiver.FS Pricing Options

There is a chance to make use of the free license as well one can go with the subscription and as well the perpetual license also. There are immense and as well difference benefits that are helpful for everyone. Here one can look with the support which they get with the license and the Archiver.FS Pricing details which they avail to make use of this archiving software.

Trial Version of Software:

When you are making use of the trial version and uses this free license, then the users must know that they will be able to do only 5 scheduled jobs. However, there is no limit for the processing that can be done with every single job. So those who are new to use this software can make use of it and here for each job, they can run to at most some 100 files. There will not be any sort of support for the doubts that are raised while the customers are using this free license. Even though in the beginning itself, you have paid for the subscription, later on after its completion, one can go with the free version again and this is the best thing which most of the users are availing.

Details of Subscription License:

There will not be any limit for the scheduled jobs here and however the users will be charged for the 2TB of data processing per year. If you are in need of transfering more data from the live storage to the TB, then there are several other pricing options for that. There is no need to spend extra money for what you do not need. Those who doesn’t want a limit on the transfer of data can go with the perpetual licence and this can be used for ever upon paying the amount upfront.

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