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Dedicated Server Provides Flexibility, Control and Better Website Performance

In dedicated hosting, an organization rents an entire server located in a physical data center. The host offers server equipment, administration, and maintenance for fees. It is a flexible arrangement because clients do not need to share server arrangement.

A shared server houses several clients and so is cheaper. However, the performance is poor as system resources get shared with all on that server. With dedicated server, you get total control of the server, software as well as the security system. It is worth the money you spend. Dedicated hosting is even called managed hosting service or dedicated web server.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

Customization – You get freedom and control in comparison to other hosting solutions. You are the only one residing on the dedicated server means you can tailor the server in accordance to your business needs. You can select necessary features and pay for those only.

Uptime – Consumers never like delays, so it is essential that your website is functional, every time. Downtime can cause loss of customers and possible sales. With dedicated server you get stability and high performance, which alleviates your concern about downtime. Make sure that the host offers server monitoring as well as backup facilities besides 24/7 support services.

Overcrowding – Overcrowding on the server can cause jams on a shared server but with dedicated hosting there is no competition for CPU usage, disc space, and bandwidth. This is the best option, especially for website having heavy resources.

Security – You get an opportunity to customize the dedicated server as well as deploy security measures like firewalls and anti-virus tailored according to your needs. In shared hosting platform security vulnerabilities gets introduced by neighboring client’s activities but on dedicated platform it gets avoided.


Dedicated server is situated inside a data centre facility, which has its own security measures. Such facilities make use of security guards, biometric authentication, and mantraps.

Customer support – Certain level of customer support is provided to clients of dedicated server. Effective support makes sure website disruption is kept minimal.

In brief, the advantages of paying for dedicated server is flexibility, control, resilience, reliability, stability, and increased security.

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