Call of Duty and Its Place In eSports

Call of Duty is a franchise much like Counter strike, but it surpasses counter strike in its scope and sheer volume. This started out as a first person shooter PC game whose first installment came out in 2003. But over the years they have expanded to console and mobile platforms as well. This is a massive franchise with over 20 titles released for the different platforms.

This game franchise is hands down one of the most popular which explains why the publishers Activision keep churning out new games on an almost yearly basis. They have garnered as much as $15 billion in sales. But now Activision seems intent on dipping its toes in the eSports circuit. CoD already has a presence in the world of competitive gaming, but it’s nowhere near as popular as Dota2 or LoL.

Future in eSports

When the first Call of Duty came out in 2003, competitive eSports was hardly anything worth talking about. But times have changed and eSports have become something of a huge market. The market is likely to reach the $1 billion mark soon. There will be hardly any game developer company that doesn’t want a piece of that action. Keeping that in mind Activision is pulling out all stops to make their flagship game a major game changer.

Call of Dutys

They have recently acquired a big eSports league called Major League Gaming for about $46 million. The call of Duty championships have been moved to September and will see 32 teams battling it out for the $12 million prize pool. This will likely to be something of a spectacle that Activision is hoping will establish CoD in the eSports circuit.

The betting market for CoD is quite hot with people betting on a regular basis on multiplayer matches. is a good place to go if you are interested in that. The future of CoD as an eSports seems to be quite bright however it is very unlikely that this game could ever reach the epic popularity that MOBA games like Dota2 or League of legends enjoy.

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