Benefits of Having Turnstile Security System

Security has become a major concern in today’s world. It affects people from all walks of life.  The prevailing conditions have made it very difficult to keep your valuable information safe from intruders. With a new technology every day, security can be easily compromised.

For securing building and assets against intruders, you have got some security guards and a CCTV. Do you honestly think you’ve got your building covered? No, you need something better than that. Implementing a   Pöördvärav i.e. Turnstile would be a right choice one can ever make when it comes to securing building and facilities.

Turnstile will not only enhance your security system, but will also give a better control on visitor and employees access. If you’re still unsure about it, just read some details here:

What are the benefits of implementing turnstile?

Turnstiles would be a wonderful choice over normal gates because of following reasons:

Enhanced security

 A biometric reader, a card swipe door lock, an electric door etc all these can be good for your door, but definitely not the best. They’re vulnerable. This is because their functionality is limited to checking the credentials.

  • Firstly, they can’t determine the duration the door shall be kept open for. Also, it’s subjected to a security issue “tailgating”, which means a person with an unauthorized access can enter just behind any authorized person.
  • Secondly, it cannot differentiate between entry and exit. An unauthorized person can make an exit while an authorized individual is making an entry.

On the other hand, Turnstile will not only detect the unauthorized access, but will also prevent them. It limits the number of individuals by allowing only one person to pass the door at a time.  It triggers the alarm if an unauthorized person attempts to enter your system. Thus, you get a better and superior level of security in terms of access control.

Access control integration

A turnstile is design to easily integrate with the access control system of the building. This way the doors and the cameras will ensure the entry of authorized individuals, thus offers you high level of security.


Turnstile includes features like:

  • Different Medias like Proximity cars, Barcodes, biometrics etc for authorizing access.
  • It allows individual to self validate entry credentials, thus impose lesser burden on security guards and receptionists.
  • Single and bi-direction passes.
  • Different passing modes like Free passing modes, control passing, lock down mode.
  • Entry timing restrictions.
  • You can also lock it down during holidays, weekends or at night

Choosing a turnstile

Turnstile comes in three varieties:


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Bi-directional access
  • Varieties of barriers
  • Accommodating handicapped users

Full height

  • Maximum security
  • Economical
  • Well suited for outdoor use

Waist height

  • Robust
  • Suitable for both, outdoor and indoor use
  • Bi-directional access and affordable  

It’s important to understand the right turnstile system for your security needs. We understand it could be overwhelming, especially, when you’re not a technical person, best is to consult a reliable, professional and experiences services like Ektaco.

Author’s Bio:

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